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Use DeltaMath’s modules to create high-leverage assignments and track student learning. With DeltaMath PLUS, students also get access to help videos. Create and …

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Each district has a common username and password that can be requested using the Help Desk form on the Contact Us page. Email Icon. Email Sign Up. Complete the …

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Online math learning, practice and assessment. … and provisions accounts through Clever Secure Sync. DeltaMath offers SSO through Clever Instant Login …

Online math learning, practice and assessment.

Delta Math Student Codes (2022-2023)

Williams, Gloria / Math / Delta Math: Student Codes & Login Instructions

Delta Math Student Codes (2022-2023) · 1) Log into through an open browser; · 2) If you don’t already have an account, press “Create a …

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Complete the form with your name, email, and password. DO NOT FORGET YOUR. LOGIN AND PASSWORD. YOUR TEACHER WILL NOT BE. ABLE TO RESET THIS FOR. YOU.

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Deltamath – How to set up an account and create an assignment

Make sure you have already created your account with Delta Math before signing in. The first step is to open DeltaMath and click Login. Click Log in with Google. I like using my student account so it works with google classroom. Click Tools from the top tool bar.. Click Manage Students and Classes– this is where you can create a class. Click Add New Class. Title the class how you would like students to see it. For example: Geometry 5th period. Click confirm add. Click the link icon. This is the link where students will click and register to that class. I post this link in my google classroom for students to join.. Click Create / Edit to create an assignment for your students. Click Create Standard Assignment to create an assignment.. Click Assignment Name:. Type in the title of the assignment in the box.. Click Select which classes you want to assign the assignment to.. I clicked Test Class for our example. You can assign an assignment to multiple classes.. Click the drop down arrow in Post Assignment to choose when you want to post the assignment in delta math.. Click Skills to choose which topics you want to assign to students on this assignment.. Click in the box to search for the skills you want students to practice.. Click in the box by year. This is how delta math organizes its concepts. The free version of Delta Math is not organized by TEKs, but their search by keyword is amazing. . Type in the key word of the topics you are looking for.. For example, I searched parallel for students who may need help with parallel and perpendicular lines.. Click on the title: Graph Parallel Lines to see what the problems in this assignment would look like.. Take a look at the problem to see if it meets your need and then click the Back button.. Scroll down and click other topics you might want to incorporate into your assignment.. You can also click Show Solution to see how delta math works out the problem for students.. Click Back once you are finished looking at how delta math works out the problem for students.. Click the green plus sign to assign a topic to your assignment.. The number 5 is the default for how many problems students will have to get correct. You can change that number to how many problems you want students to get correct on your assignment.. You can add other topics to the assignment as well. I was thinking of adding Parallel Equations to the assignment.. Scroll down and click the green plus sign to add the concept to your assignment.. Click Penalty. This is how many points will be taken off if students get the wrong answer. The option 1 off is pretty steep. I usually do 0.25 off, but you do what best fits your classroom.. Click Due Dates to set the due date for the assignment.. Click Choose Date to type in the date you would like the assignment to be completed by.. Click the date you want the assignment to be due. Click a time on that day the assignment will be due.. Click Add late date if you want to add a date late work will be accepted. You don’t have to do a late date.. Click in the box if you want students to receive a certain percentage off for late work. For example, if your policy is 10% off the grade for each day, you would type in 90%.. Click Choose Date and set your date for the late work to be submitted by. You can have multiple late days. But students can still access the assignment late without a late day entered.. Click a date for the late work due date.. Click Create Assignment. Scroll up and click Okay.. Click Student Data to see your assignments.. Click View Assignments.. Click example assignment- or the assignment name you created. Click the link icon you can then post this link in google classroom and assign the assignment to students who need it or the entire class. Students can also just sign in to Delta Math and will see the assignment.. That’s it. You’re done. Please let me know if you need any help creating assignments!!!

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